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Children's clothes and shoes

Welcome! Kidz Korner accepts only high-quality clothing for infants, children (up to size 18 / 20 and small juniors), as well as children’s small furniture, equipment, toys, books, and accessories.


Consignment items are accepted by appointment only from Monday to Saturday.


When you bring your items to consign, we will select what our customers want to buy. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. Please understand that our customers’ preferences must be our selection guideline. All clothing should be freshly laundered, pressed, and in excellent condition. Kidz Korner will not accept clothing with rips, stains, or other damages. Clothing must be in like-new condition and of current style. It is always our pleasure to sort through and choose items that meet these standards. We also reserve the right to decline items based on inventory levels and/or previous experience. Non-clothing items must be in excellent condition, i.e. clean, no missing parts, cracks, chips, etc. If an item comes in need of cleaning, the consignor will be assessed the resulting charge. Battery-operated items must be presented with new batteries. Baby equipment must be less than three years old.


We base prices on supply and demand. Management sets the price of your items based on a percentage of the current retail value and condition of the item. Items will be subject to periodic markdowns at the discretion of management. Kidz Korner reserves the right to determine prices and markdowns at any time without consulting the consignor. The consignor will receive 40% of the final net selling price. Even during special feature sales, consignor will receive 40% of the sale price.


We will display your items until the end of the seasonal consignment period. At the end of the consignment period, any unsold items will be donated to a local charity. Consignor will be provided with a donation form from the selected charity and a list of the items donated. **Important: Consignor is responsible for providing Kidz Korner with any changes in contact information such as address, phone, or email.


You may call us at any time to check on the status of your account. As your items sell, your account will be credited with 40% of the selling price of each item. Kidz Korner does not notify consignors when an item has sold or when funds are available. It is the responsibility of the consignor to collect their funds. **Important: Consignor is responsible for providing Kidz Korner with any changes in contact information such as address, phone, or email. You may use your credit toward purchases at Kidz Korner. If you would like to receive a check for any money you have earned, we will have a check printed for you at any time. If a consignment account has no activity for two years and funds have not been collected by the consignor, the funds will become the property of Kidz Korner and the account will be closed due to inactivity.


Your items will be well cared for at Kidz Korner; however, we are not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, flood, or acts of God.


We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with you!


Kidz Korner

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Kidz Korner consignment agreement and terms

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